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The Brookside Foods Giving Back Challenge: Call for Community-Based Organizations

The Brookside Foods Giving Back Challenge

Want to help your local community organization thrive? GOOD is teaming up with Brookside to “Give Back” to one nonprofit with the sweet treat of a $5,000 grant. Submit an application here for your chance to win.

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The Specifics

Brookside wants to “Give Back” and honor those hard-working individuals and organizations who do so much for their community. They know a lot of those folks are in the GOOD community, so we’re asking you to tell us how $5,000 will make a difference in the programs and services that your 501( c )(3) provides, from educational programming to health initiatives to neighborhood clean-ups.

All entries will be voted on by the GOOD community—so be ready to rally friends, fans, and colleagues behind your submission. Applications should include a written description of how the funds would be used to amplify your efforts, plus an image or YouTube video. Once projects are submitted, get out the vote by asking folks to support your project here. The winning organization will receive $5,000.

Submission tips:

  • Include a photo or video that represents your organization. For example: a logo, a photo related to your mission, or a promotional video.
  • Photos should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, at least 572 × 346 pixels and no larger than 10MB.
  • Provide 3-5 sentences that explain how the $5,000 award will improve your organization’s programs and services.

Rules & Regulations

  • This Challenge is open for submissions from November 17th to December 1st.
  • Applicants must be official representatives of a registered U.S.-based 501( c )(3) organization that serves the community.
  • Projects will be featured on this page and public voting will be open from December 1st to December 9th.
  • The organization whose submission has the most votes will win a $5,000 grant from Brookside Foods.
  • Read all the rules.

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Given the tremendous amount of cost involved with supporting war, can you imagine what we could do with those resources if the world was at peace? Did you know that the misunderstanding that exists between the state of affairs related to our active military people in action and the real extent of our support for them has no real notion of reality. Our world needs peace and someone needs to start working for it! Education in action about the efforts and sacrifice of our soldiers in action. How can we reach for peace if no-one reaches for it? How can we teach people to not aggress when we refuse to teach non aggression? Seems like an oxymoron, but a lot of what our military does is to win friends and foster hope among people besieged by pressures of the governing warlord profiteers. It has very little to do with the average person around the world. Our service personal need to know you support them as they lay it all on the line for the spirit of freedom and democracy and they do it every day. Please support the Military Art Car Project. Help fix the problem, not the symptom.

by Tom O'Key
about 4 years ago | Reply

Art Feeds definitely deserves to win this money. They are combining two amazing things together, art and helping kids. I am living proof that with the combination of God, love, and art nothing can bring you down, by supplying these kids with art it gives them an outlet to express themselves at a young age, which is awesome. They definitely deserve this.

by ileah56
about 4 years ago | Reply

Our volunteers' effort goes a long way, no matter what organization. But a little money goes further when it's spent on developing world populations -- a lot further. Check out clubs with an international focus like Nourish International at UCLA and Together in Hope in Ethiopia, where $5,000 will do the most 'good.'

by sdavenport
about 4 years ago | Reply

The Military Art Car project has been steadily moving up the line! From 27th to 5th in just a few days. Please support the effort of The Do Art Foundation to pair U.S. Marines who have served in combat with artist Bobby Furst. Fighting men and women have a story to tell and it is up to the civilian community to hear it.l

by travis.puglisi
about 4 years ago | Reply

Together In Hope's project in Ethiopia could do so much good with this amount of money, being able to take 250 kids from living on the street right through to entering full-time education. I know some of these kids and know that they have what it takes, they have just never had anything backing them before. Please help out.

by alfla86
about 4 years ago | Reply

Before you vote or donate please check whether the organisation advocates the torture of animals. Many non-profits do great work without causing unnecessary pain, suffering and death. Please choose a 'good' non-profit.

by vegan01UK
about 4 years ago | Reply

Yikes! Never thought about that.

by RockyNeidhardt
about 4 years ago | Reply

Please cast your vote for the Back-to-School! Store! Help 1000 children in need receive the clothing and school supplies that are necessary to begin the school year! Each child who participates receives all new clothing, a winter coat, athletic shoes, a backpack, school supplies and a book. Thank you!!

by marissarosen
about 4 years ago | Reply

Thanks for doing this! I came here to support an amazing organization.. Rock The Autism! These guys are going to Change the world!! :)

by Shock Funk Academy of the Stars
about 4 years ago | Reply

Hell's Kitchen Farm Project needs to expand their educational programming! Help a rooftop farm in the heart of New York City feed more food pantry participants and teach more people about urban agriculture!

by anth05
about 4 years ago | Reply

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team fills a much needed gap in after disaster placement of companion animals. They try to keep people from having to surrender their pets after fires and other disasters in their homes.

by MichBurk126
about 4 years ago | Reply

INW Baby in Spokane WA deserves to win this! They go above and beyond to help those in need.

by rstarr3455
about 4 years ago | Reply


about 4 years ago | Reply

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Serving the Homeless with Dignity

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