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The Idea


Sailbear Labs provides free filmmaking and creative writing workshops to youth ages 12-18, giving them the means and encouragement to share their unique stories. This $5000 will assist us in purchasing equipment and renting space so we can keep our workshops free and open to everyone.

The Specifics

Based in Phoenix, AZ, a state where the graduation rate for high school students has historically fallen below the national average, Sailbear Labs teaches communication, writing, and design through having fun: Collaborating as teams on imaginative film projects. Unfortunately, the equipment and software isn't cheap, and we don't have a permanent space where we can store it or where we can teach our workshops. The $5000 will help us to pay for space for our workshops around the Valley, as well as equipment (cameras, laptops, software, etc.) so our attendees don't have to. We believe there should be no financial barrier to creativity, and making your own movie should be an experience anyone can have!

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Its a wonderful idea...I wish I could icontribute ....its well worth it - investing int their future.

by amywill5918
about 4 years ago | Reply

As a public high school art teacher near Detroit, I knew of many creative kids who had little or no chance to grow their ingenuity outside of the school walls. Although I have worked hard to instill creative systems and passion to do their art with all my students ( as did most of my coworkers), the cost or opportunity to develop more skills and knowledge was often elusive, for numerous reasons. Consequently, often inspiration and desire to create was able to shrink and disappear.
Sailbear Labs is an ingenious and generous answer to the need for all youth to have a chance to be encouraged with their ingenuity...and, because it provides artistic enablement ,the chance to personally reflect on it as well as to share it.
I commend this wonderful concept for all kids.

by jeannies
about 4 years ago | Reply

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