Job Training for Homeless and Formerly Homeless Women

idea by Coalition for the Homeless




The Idea


First Step Job Training Program empowers homeless and formerly homeless women – many single moms and victims of domestic violence – to succeed in the workforce. Through computer and other hard skills training, internships and comprehensive supportive services we give women the skills and tools to reach their goals.

The Specifics

The Coalition for the Homeless created the First Step Job Training Program to help homeless women break the cycle of poverty permanently and build a better life for themselves and their families. We approach employment education holistically by teaching hard skills, such as computer literacy and resume and professional writing, along with practical interview techniques, networking strategies and appropriate work attire. We place students in full-time internships, and collaborate with working professionals who serve as mentors to give First Steppers the confidence to pursue fulfilling careers. We also provide the social services and counseling they need to achieve personal stability which is key to financial independence.

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First Step Job Training Program changed my life! Iam the type of person to get bored or lose interest in something really quick. Being at First Step made me want to learn more and stay focus. The staff here are very helpful and they go beyond their jobs to help you with any and everything. The women at First Step are wonderful. I can not call them my classmates I have to call them my sisters. Here at First Step we are all FAMILY!!!!!

by T.S.R.
about 4 years ago | Reply

First Step is indeed your opporunity to make that First Step, with the assistant of the staff and the woman who join the progran it's the best way to gain skills and training to help you get back on track one step at a time. What this organization has to offer women is something that should continue for generations. Once you have completed the program you will always be a Stepper. Once a Stepper Always a stepper.

by sharonholland816@gmail.com
about 4 years ago | Reply

As a "First Stepper", I applaud The Coalition for the Homeless for their tireless efforts to empower woman to explore and develope their potential. The supportive setting encourages us to do some positive soul searching and face our "demons" because First Step is our safety net.

by sandra may
about 4 years ago | Reply

First Step Job Training Program that is an assest to women who are struggling or have problems that render them hopeless. First Step has given me tools, rebuilt my self-esteem, and motivation to be confindent to get back into the job market. I graduated First Step. Job Training Program do not always make a difference, First Step has given me the chance to change my well-being. I Thank the Staff of First Step.

by Febo
about 4 years ago | Reply

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